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What are the goals of an environmental simulation?

The purpose of an environmental simulation is to understand the behavior of products under different conditions, to identify potential weaknesses at an early stage and to optimize performance, safety and reliability before products are launched.

In detail, the environmental simulation pursues the following objectives:

1. Identification of weak points:

By simulating real load scenarios, potential weak points and critical areas of a product can be identified. This makes it possible to point out problems at an early stage and rectify them before the product is launched.

2. Performance optimization

The simulation helps optimize the product by giving you an indication of how the product can be improved under different conditions. This can lead to an increase in performance, efficiency and life span.

3. Safety assessment

The simulation allows you to ensure that the product meets the necessary safety standards and requirements, especially in the sectors aerospace, automotives and medical technology.

4. Material selection

You have the chance to optimize the material selection by testing and comparing different materials under the simulated conditions. This helps to select the best materials to meet the requirements.

5. Cost reduction

The simulation makes it possible to identify problems and optimization potential at an early stage, which leads to cost reductions.

6. Promoting innovation

The possibility to test different designs, materials and configurations encourages innovative thinking and supports the development of new products or technologies.

7. Predictive ability

A successful simulation allows you to accurately predict the behavior of a product under different conditions. This helps in decision-making and avoiding unexpected problems in the production and operational phases.

8. Conformity with test standards

In many industries, there are strict standards that must be met. The simulation makes it possible to check and ensure compliance with these standards at an early stage.

What happens during an environmental simulation?

Construction models are exposed to environmental conditions such as temperature, climate, pressure, vibration, shock, humidity or radiation. A precises test setup simulates the later area of use.

Steps involved in an environmental simulation include the following: definition of the load scenarios, data collection, modeling, the simulation itself, its evaluation, planning of measures and at last, decision making.

The tests are carried out using normative procedures that correspond to the use of the product. This enables reproducible tests that can be used to evaluate the behavior during the use in advance.

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In which areas is an environmental simulation used?

Wherever human activities and environmental impacts come together, an environmental simulation can provide valuable insights. It is used in almost every industry to evaluate and optimize the performance, safety and reliability of products.

In the areas of: construction and infrastructure projects, energy production, indus try and production, especially mechanical engineering, defense, transport and mobility (automotives, shipping, aviation, railroad), nature conservation and land management, as well as when studying the effects of climate change, environmental simulations are a common procedure.

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How do we carry out a test procedure?

The test procedure at PAConsult starts with an inquiry from our customer. This contains the data and dimensions of specimen. It also provides information about the underlying standard and the corresponding parameters.

Based on those details, we carry out a feasibility analysis for you which also considers whether our in-house workshop should be involved. PAConsult offers its customers services in structure and fixture construction, to enable a wide range of tests with customized solutions.

Following the initial analysis, an offer is prepared. We then arrange a personal appointment with you and address your individual requirements at any time. Once your specimen arrives at one of our five test centers, the test is carried out precisely in accordance with the standards and your specifications. The process is documented in the test report which includes photo documentation.

After completion of the test, you will receive our extensive documentation with the results of your specimen.

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