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What is the goal of a vibration test?

The aim of a vibration and shock test during transport simulation is quality assurance. By testing the product packaging's ability to withstand vibrations and shocks, weak points in the packaging can be identified.

By detecting damage such as chafing, abrasion, tears in the corrugated cardboard or deformation, conclusions can be drawn about the quality of the packaging system. This ensures that the product reaches the end consumer without damage. It also ensures that all necessary standards and requirements for the product packaging are met.

What happens during a vibration test?

Packaging is subjected to controlled vibrations with various types of testing equipment, for example hydraulic vibration platform. Sinusoidal and random vibrations (noise) are generated to simulate the various loads to which the packaging could be exposed.

Before the test, predefined test profiles from standards or the customer are entered, which simulate the specific vibrations of transports via air freight, road or railroad. All recorded data is documented and discussed with the customer if necessary.

During the vibration, the test specimen is positioned on the vibration table. In the case of pallets, the excitations take place in a vertical direction, as is the case with individual packages, but the package is rotated in all 3 spatial axes and thus loaded evenly on all surfaces. Vibration with additional load can also be applied to simulate that something has been placed on the package or pallet during transportation, for example.

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In which area are vibration tests used?

The test can be used in all areas where customers might expect sensitivity to vibration loads. Our transport simulation mainly tests packaging systems.

Customers contact us with specific problems, such as a high rate of returns due to transport damage. The cause of such damage can be determined through our tests. This involves simulating worst-case scenarios with realistic vibrations and loads.

Our devices cover a range from 1 to 3,000 Hz. The maximum amplitude of our hydraulic shakers is 4 inches (10cm). The range of testable packaging systems extends from small packages to transport pallets weighing up to 800 kg.

Standards: ASTM D4728, ASTM D4169, ISTA-Serie, DIN EN 2247, DIN EN ISO 13355 

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