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What is the goal of testing the fluids susceptibility?

The aim of testing fluids susceptibility is to test the resistance of materials and devices to fluids. Potential discoloration of coatings or materials, blistering, cracking or the detachment of coatings and deformation of plastics can be detected. The customer can use the findings to further optimize their product in the manufacturing process.

Potential effects on material properties are examined to ensure their ability in withstanding the specific requirements of their operating environment.


What happens during a fluids susceptibility test?

The specimens are carefully tested in our laboratories for their reactions with various fluids. They can either be immersed in the relevant fluids or sprayed with them in a targeted manner. We have a diverse selection of more than 200 different fluids from a wide range of applications at our disposal.

Various parameters are monitored during the test process, such as reaction time, physical changes and possible structural or chemical changes to the materials.

This careful monitoring makes it possible to make precise statements about the chemical resistance of the tested materials in different environments and application scenarios.

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In which areas is testing of fluids susceptibility used?

Fluids susceptibility takes place in various areas and products. For example: 

  • Aerospace: spacecraft insulation, engine components, spacecraft fairings
  • Automotives: fuel tanks, sealing materials, painting
  • Medical: packaging, hoses, tubes
  • Electronics: printed circuit boards, electronic housings, cable insulation
  • Energy sector: solar panels, wind turbine components

Standards: RTCA DO-160, MIL-STD-810

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