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What is the goal of a temperature and climate test?

Temperature and climate tests are carried out to determine whether products or packaging react sensitively to temperatures and other climatic stresses which may occur on a regional or worldwide shipping route.

PAConsult checks whether the functionality of the packaging is guaranteed. This enables our customers to find out whether the packaging can withstand the environmental impact and whether the products to be shipped remain unaffected.

What happens during a temperature and climate test?

In our high-performance temperature and climate chambers, the products are exposed to specific extreme conditions of heat, cold and humidity.

During the testing process, various temperature cycles are simulated to ensure that the packaging remains stable and reliable over a range of temperatures. In addition, humidity conditions are simulated to check the reaction of the packaging to different humidity levels. This enables potential problems such as condensation or moisture ingress to be identified at an early stage and appropriate measures to be taken to improve them.

The precise simulation of environmental conditions ensures that products arrive reliably and intact at their destination under different climatic conditions.

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In which areas are temperature and climate tests used?

Temperature and climate tests are essential components of packaging tests and are used in various areas to evaluate the performance of packaging materials and systems under real conditions. A key application is in the pharmaceutical sector, where medicines and other sensitive products often have specific storage requirements. Temperature and climate testing ensures that the packaging of such products is stable and reliable and that the substances it contains are protected.

Another important sector is the electronics industry. Electronic devices and components have to function in different temperatures and humidity levels. Packaging for these products is therefore tested for its ability to protect the electronic components it contains from various weather conditions.

This test is also crucial in other industries such as the automotive sector or the food industry to test the robustness of the packaging.

Standards: ISTA-Serie, ASTM F2825, ASTM D4332

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