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What is the goal of an Amazon FFP?

The aim of an Amazon FFP (Frustration-Free Packaging) is to identify the weak points of a packaging. This ensures that the packaging reaches the customer in an optimized and environmentally friendly way, without additional (filling) materials. The test examines the entire packaging concept with regard to its functions: The use of materials, the optimization of a packaging. Are there opportunities for savings? Does the product arrive safely and intact at the customer?

This enables fast and efficient shipping processing and thus increases customer satisfaction.

Amazon wants all products to reach the customer safely and undamaged. The packaging should also be easy to open and recyclable. This is tested with specimens in the laboratory and certified according to a specific Amazon standard. This certification is necessary so that no penalties are incurred.

What happens during an Amazon FFP?

We test your product for certification either in combination with your own packaging or we pack it according to your specifications if you have Amazon do the packaging for you. During the test, the transportation of the parcel by the shipping service provider from you to the customer is simulated. To do this, it is dropped and subjected to vibrations, as would be expected in a van.

This simulation is followed by the inspection, during which the package is opened. This involves not only a visual inspection, but also a functionality test. This involves assessing whether the product meets the specified standards and fulfills the requirements for frustration-free packaging.

Finally, you will receive a detailed report documenting the entire inspection process. This includes images to give you a comprehensive insight into the tests carried out and the assessment results.

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In which areas are Amazon FFP’s used?

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging is used in various areas to ensure that products are optimally prepared for shipping. This particularly applies to suppliers who sell their products via Amazon. The FFP guidelines stipulate that products must meet the specified protection criteria and undergo specific tests.

In return, Amazon offers companies a comprehensive range of services via the FFP that support and simplify the entire sales process. These include the storage of products in the Amazon logistics centers, professional packaging in accordance with FFP standards, worldwide shipping, efficient customer service and the handling of returns.

By utilizing Amazon's extensive infrastructure and logistics expertise, companies can efficiently distribute their products on a global scale, increasing efficiency and market reach.

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