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What is the goal of a sample test in the shipping industry?

To ensure the safety and optimum functionality of your products, you can test your marine products in our laboratories for ship and marine equipment. The components, equipment and systems manufactured in the shipbuilding process must comply with certain safety standards and technical regulations.

The purpose of sample testing is to verify compliance with these and to ensure the safe use and structural integrity of ships and their components. This helps prevent accidents and damage at sea and promote sustainable development in the maritime sector.

Sample tests is an essential step in the approval process for ships and their components.

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How is the most fitting test method selected?

In close consultation with us, you specify the respective test method in compliance with the specifications of the ship qualification companies. We support shipyards as well as component and system suppliers and are familiar with all shipbuilding-specific test methods, from mechanical to climatic tests.

We can guarantee you the best possible service and safety and take on all-round tests for sample approval by the various classification societies in cooperation with our partner laboratories.

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Test Methods: 


  • DIN EN 60945
  • ABS Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels
  • Bureau Veritas Rules for Classification of Ships (NR467) Part C Machinery, Electricity, Automation and Fire Protection
  • CCS No. 273 Guidelines for Type Approval Test of Electric and Electronic Products
  • DNVGL-CG-0339
  • IACS E10 Test Specification for Type Approval
  • Lloyd´s Register Type Approval Test Specification Number 1
  • MEPC 107(49)
  • RINA Rules for Classification of Ships Part C

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