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What is the goal of a tensile, compression and bending test?

The aim of the tests is to ensure that a specimen meets the specified strength requirements. PAConsult carries out tensile, compression and bending tests to examine whether the product can withstand the expected loads or whether adjustments need to be made by the manufacturer.

These tests are carried out to check the mechanical properties and load-bearing capacity of materials or structures. The aim of the test is to determine the tensile, compressive and bending strength of the specimen.

These tests can identify weak points and possible material fatigue, which helps to ensure the quality of products. The results not only serve as a benchmark for compliance with standards, but also as a basis for any optimizations and quality improvements in the production chain.

What happens during a tensile, compressive and bending test?

In tensile tests, the load-bearing capacity of the material is examined under tensile stress. The material is subjected to a tensile force to determine its ductility and ability to withstand tensile loads. Elongation and elasticity are measured.

Compression tests test the resistance to compressive forces to analyze its ability to withstand compressive loads. Parameters such as compressive strength and deformation behavior are determined.

Bending tests, on the other hand, evaluate the flexibility and breaking strength of a material by simulating bending loads. Characteristic values such as bending strength and elongation at break are recorded.

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In which areas is a tensile, compressive and bending test used?

Tensile, compression and bending tests are used in many industries to check the stability, load-bearing capacity and reliability of materials, components and structures. For example:

  • Automotives: shock absorbers, frames
  • Aerospace: engine components
  • Mechanical Engineering: gear shafts, connecting elements
  • Medical technology: prostheses, medical devices
  • Eletronics: cables, wires, housings

Standards: ASTM F88, ASTM D882, DIN EN 868

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