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What is the goal of an IP Test?

The aim of an IP test (ingress protection) is to create confidence in the reliability and functionality of the product.

IP tests are used to test the suitability of electrical devices, housings and other products against the ingress of dust, liquids or other foreign bodies, e.g. the immersion depth of cameras or watches. Quality characteristics are generated with this. Products that have successfully undergone an IP test are given proof of their ability to function under specific environmental conditions and can be considered of high quality and reliability. New marketing opportunities are established.

What happens during an IP test?

To ensure that a product is adequately protected, it is tested using an IP protection degree defined by the customer. The specimen is provided by the customer as a series model. The degree of protection is indicated by a combination of numbers, the IP code, e.g. IP65. The first code number of the IP protection class provides information about the protection against access to hazardous parts and the ingress of solid foreign bodies. For testing, special access probes are defined and pressed against the openings in the housing. The second code number classifies the degree of protection against the ingress of liquids into the housing of the specimen. Testing is carried out with water.

After the test, the housing is visually inspected for signs of water ingress. Depending on customer requirements, a specific test setup is created. Generally, the higher the numbers, the higher the protection degree.

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In which areas is an IP protection class and leakage test used?

The IP protection class test is used in a variety of areas and products. For example:

  • Eletronics: smartphones, control cabinets, cameras
  • Automotives: control systems, sensors, electronic components
  • Medical technology: devices, pumps
  • Aerospace: satellites, sensors
  • Energy technology: switchgear, gearboxes, control systems
  • Telecommunications: junction boxes, outdoor devices

The test samples for IP protection type tests can vary in size, from tiny components to large devices. However, there are special requirements for automotive applications with regard to dirty water and splash water. Here, regulations and standards apply that go beyond the usual IP tests.

Standards: DIN 40050-9, DIN EN 60529, ISO 20653

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