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What is the goal of an incline impact test?

The aim of an incline impact test is to evaluate the load-bearing capacity of a transport pallet under realistic conditions.

The aim is to document the stability and durability of a transport pallet through the impact tests on the incline impact and whether this packaging system meets the required standards and can withstand the loads from a real shipping scenario.

This test therefore serves to check and confirm the quality and reliability of transport pallets regarding the requirements of the logistics process.

What happens during an incline impact test?

On the incline impact, impacts or mechanical shocks are simulated on packaging systems such as transport pallets or transport crates, as they can be caused on a loading area and by incorrect handling with industrial trucks.

They are used to identify potential damage that could be caused by slipping or impact. Aspects of load distribution, stack ability and securement against unintentional slipping are examined.

In this test procedure, several runs are carried out, one run per surface. Measurements of the impact speed, usually in the range of 1 to 2 m/s, are taken during each run. These speed measurements are intended to ensure that the test complies with the applicable standards. The impact velocities are monitored each time the test is performed to ensure consistency and reproducibility of the test.

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In which areas are incline impact tests used?

Inclined plane tests are mainly used at PAConsult for the transportation sector. This is an important test to ensure the stability of packaging during the transportation process. In the transportation sector, they allow the inclination of packaging to be evaluated.

Testing on the incline impact also plays a decisive role in other areas. These include the automotive industry and aviation. The safe transportation of vehicle or aircraft components and equipment under different inclinations should be simulated and ensured. Testing can also be relevant in the construction industry to check the integrity of building materials and elements during transportation.

Incline impact testing therefore proves to be an important tool for ensuring the reliability and integrity of various products in different industries.

Standards: ASTM D880, DIN EN 2244

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