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What is the goal of a transport simulation?

Whether B2B or B2C - the commercialization success of products depends to a large extent on the undamaged arrival at the customer. The aim is to minimize the risks during transport, whether by road, railroad, water or air transport. In addition to other influencing factors, the quality of the packaging plays a crucial role.

Only a careful inspection prior to use can avoid costly damages, image and customer loss and provide information on potential savings. In this way, you can reduce costs and contribute to the sustainability of your company and environmental protection.

What happens during a transport simulation?

Classic tests include climate or drop tests, compression or stacking loads and vibrations.

In the climate chamber, the package is exposed to stresses that it would also experience during regular transportation: low or high temperatures, dry-hot or humid-warm climate. In our packaging test laboratories, it is dropped, pressed and shaken. Pallets are moved over obstacles with a forklift truck, lifted on an edge and then dropped or driven against a wall on an inclined plane. All samples are subjected to the stresses of transportation in a truck, a delivery van and an aircraft on the hydraulic shaker.

During each test, we observe whether anything happens: Do labels come off? What happens to the corrugated paper? Are there any deformations? What does the sample look like from the outside before and after each test?

At the end of the test, a functional check of the contents or a visual inspection of the contents is also carried out, if requested.

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In which areas are transport simulations used?

Transport tests are carried out in all industries in which products are transported. For example, all medical products that are to be distributed worldwide are required to undergo such tests. However, tests are also frequently carried out in the consumer and industrial products sector to ensure that the goods arrive flawlessly.

Transport damage that has already occurred is often the reason why our customers have a transport simulation carried out, which identifies weak points and potential for improvement. There are also tests that are carried out during the development of packaging for high-quality or sensitive products.

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How do we carry out a test procedure? 

The test procedure at PAConsult begins with an inquiry from our customer. This contains the data and dimensions of the product to be tested. It also provides information about the underlying standards and the corresponding test parameters.

Based on those details, we carry out a feasibility analysis which considers whether our in-house workshop should be involved. PAConsult offers its customers services in design and fixture construction to make a wide range of tests possible with customized solutions.

Following the initial analysis, an offer is drawn up. We then arrange a personal appointment with you to finalize the planning of the test and address your individual requirements at any time. Once your specimen arrives at one of our five test centers, the test is carried out precisely in accordance with the specific standards and your specifications. We document the progress of the test in our test report, including photographic documentation.

Once the test is complete, you will receive our extended report with the results of your test specimen.

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