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What is the goal of a seal strength test?

The aim of a seal strength test is to evaluate the strength of a seal seam of sterile barriers or primary packaging.

In addition, seal strength tests help manufacturers to improve the quality of their products by identifying possible defects or weak points in the sealing processes. This helps to avoid costly recalls or production errors and increase customer satisfaction. Overall, sealing strenght tests serve to ensure product integrity, safety and quality control.

What happens during a seal strength test?

The peel force and the peel behavior are examined. The test process generally comprises the following steps:

  1. Sample preparation: A specified number of test strips of a defined width are cut out of the sealed seams.
  2. Measurement of the sealing force: The actual force required to pull open the sealed seam is measured and the release behavior is evaluated.
  3. Data analysis: The measured values are analyzed and evaluated to ensure that the requirements are met. 
  4. Reporting: The results are documented and summarized in a test report, which is important for quality control and regulatory compliance.
  5. Conformity statement: The report contains a conformity statement as to whether the sealing force meets the requirements.

We carry out the tests to measure the sealing force and peel ability in our climate laboratory at 23°C and 50 % RH.

In which areas is a seal strength test used?

Seals are used in various sectors, such as the packaging industry, especially for packaging for medical products, bottle caps or in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Testing the seal strength makes it possible to ensure that the seal offers the desired protection and the required integrity.

Standards: ASTM F88/F88 M, ASTM E171/E171 M, DIN EN 868-5, DIN EN ISO 11607-1, DIN EN ISO 11607-2

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