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What is the goal of a sample test in the aerospace industry?

The aim of an examination in the aerospace industry is to qualify a component or device for installation in an air or spacecraft. In hardly any other industry are the requirements for materials, components and devices as high. To meet the high safety standards, all components and devices that are supposed to find their way into an air or spacecraft undergo a series of environmental tests. These simulate all standard and extreme situations which the specimen may be exposed to during its service life.

In this area, PAConsult has a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test laboratory at its disposal, which is recognized and audited by Airbus and operates in cooperation with Boeing.

Sample tests are an essential step in the certification process for new air or spacecrafts and their components.

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How is the most fitting test method selected?

The test procedure is specified by the respective standards and the manufacturer. The following specifications are important: What type of air or spacecraft is involved? What altitude will be reached? Where in the air or spacecraft will the device be installed?

Among other things, we test according to RTCA DO-160 and the regulations of the major manufacturers. Our customers in the aerospace sector are located all over the world and receive complete solutions from us that are individually tailored to their products.

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Test Methods:


  • RTCA DO–160
  • MIL–STD–810
  • Airbus ABD0100.1.2.

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