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What is the goal of a sample test in the train industry?

The aim of a sample test in the railroad sector is to identify weak points in relation to the loads that occur in practice on components or systems. In this way, the stability for later use is examined, which increases the safety of passengers, crew, the environment and prevents accidents.

Material quality, manufacturing standards and technical specifications, e.g. of systems, brakes, signaling technology and other technical components, are put to the test regarding national and international standards and legal regulations. Compliance with these standards ensures interoperability between different rail networks and systems, which is necessary for functionality.

Sample tests are an essential step in the approval process for new rail vehicles and their components.

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How is the most fitting test method selected?

With our DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test laboratories, we offer you our many years of experience in testing a wide range of devices and components in accordance with the current railroad standards.

In order to select the appropriate test method, we are guided by the proposition and requirements of our customers: You specify which test methods are required for your product.

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Test Methods:


  • DIN EN 50155 – Temperature and Climate Test
  • DIN EN 61373 – Vibration and Shock Test

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